Newbie question? PPMS and RRMS??

Hiya, What is the difference between PPMS and RRMS? and what do they stand for?

PPMS stands for primary progressive MS (which is what I have) and RRMS is relapsing remitting MS. Approx 85 per cent of people with MS have RRMS and the rest PPMS. In RRMS people have attacks of symptoms which they recover from ( sort of) but they can be left with some symptoms. People with PPMS start with symptoms which get progressively worse and which they do not recover from. This is a very simple explanation and does not do the subject justice. If you look on the section ‘what is MS’ it will give more info. Hth Teresa xx

Thankyou X

There is also SPMS, Secondary Progressive MS, which I was diagnosed with.

RRMS can go on to become SPMS (it doesn’t always).

The difference between SPMS and PPMS is that people with PPMS don’t experience RRMS first, whereas people with SPMS usually do. explains it quite well.