Newbie - on the positive train!

Hello all, I am a 27 year old male and have been diagnosed with RRMS. I just wanted to say hello and introduce myself before I ask a few questions I have been saving. So, my background is pretty normal in most ways, however my regrets and what I believe to be contributing factors to my situation, are too many boozy nights (student loans eh!) and my smoking vice as a teenager and in my early twenties. I think I am more comfortable blaming myself for unhealthy living being the cause, than this being something I cannot control. Also post diagnosis after discussing vitamin D, it resonated with me as I am a bit of sun dodger, either way I am here now. After the initial tears and feeling that only 2 months after our wedding the runners had truly come off, I am now getting past that. My wife is a strong woman and I have never seen her cry like we did in the days following diagnosis, and I never want to again. Luckily for me, my job has bred into me that most things are possible when applying your best efforts, and this is the attitude I intend to stick to. I am trying everything that, without being medically trained, I can understand and believe in to hopefully help my body save itself. These changes include: · No smoking · Low alcohol consumption · Dairy free 99% · Gluten Free 99% · Very low ‘bad fats’ · Regular supplements on top of my own researched healthy diet (I can recommend some of the MS books on diet promoting healthy living) (Also 4 weeks in I am 9lbs lighter! Never had such a successful diet) · Very high anti-oxidants · Regular Exercise (minimum 4 times a week, running, spinning) · Stress management My thoughts now are that I cannot do anymore after my treatment begins (but if I have missed something obvious please tell me!) and I’m ready to face this head on, I certainly can’t read anymore MS books! All those changes may seem overwhelming but I assure anybody with a lot of planning, they are easier than you think. Some may of course question the effectiveness of some steps but to my mind it shouldn’t hurt to try. I am keen to get involved with the community and help, be it fundraising or helping individuals so I’m very much looking forward to that. I’m not sure in my head if it is possible to embrace such a condition or merely adapt to it, but it is certainly possible to embrace the community and add something to it. The overwhelming positive thing to come from this is the change it has had on my outlook. Sure this is a bad hand to be dealt, but I now simply appreciate almost everything. My current favourite to pass on is spontaneous chip shop sausage and chips (we got some at 930pm on a warm evening sitting outside - amazing). I’m sure I’ve rambled profusely above and now make a commitment to all future posts being an improvement on this one! Look forward to speaking with you all in the future, Very best wishes, MrMessy!

That’s a wonderful approach you have MrMessy, You’ve got to be a very brave person to eat a chip shop sausage!! Best wishes Jan

Hi , this is my first time on this site.

I am a 53 year old female and I have been in pain for as long as I can remember. It got a lot worse 14 years ago(pain down right side and pins and needles in fingers and toes) I had a spinal manipulation under general anaesthetic to"loosen me up"

and then I would be shown how to walk correctly by physio’s. Long story cut short ,the pain was horrendus after manip,scan showed no disc problems ,physio’s did’nt help me,pain consultant said it was “just pain”!!

Fast forward 14 years of private physio’s, chiropracters ,acupuncture etc etc and worsening pain walking like a drunk,tripping myself up ,losing sensation in fingers,I went back to G.P and said I know there must be something wrong,he looked at me again as if I was another waste of time and went through the scan scenario again. No change there and nothing to report.I at that point truly thought I was going insane and had convinced myself that the pain was’nt real and I must have a mental problem. Out of desperation I said that I had been very poorly when I was 5 with measles and apparantley had to learn to talk and walk again which left me with epilepsey for a few years (the doctor knew all this). I had a brain scan and there were the Dawsons Fingers ,U fibres and various other lesions a further scan has shown demyelation in the spine.I am having a

lumbar puncture next thursday. The neuro said that I have M.S and have had it for along time.I am looking forward to a formal diagnosis and treatment of some kind.The pain is terrible, there has been no reprieve from it for years day and night.I smile and say “I’m fine ,there’s worse things” ,Only very close friends and family can see past the cheery smile. Thanks for listening to me,it’s good to share with people who know-just know .xxx

Aw, what a lovely message. It made me smile :slight_smile: yep, I too have MS, diagnosed last week. I’m loving life at the moment as I’m out of a very long, nasty relapse. At the moment I can do all the things I enjoy, I can’t walk very far, that’s too much. But I can garden, which I love. I also draw. I’ve just got an allotment after waiting a few years on their list and I love it. I’ve had exercise( on top of my physio stuff that I do everyday) digging and mental stimulation is important so I read a lot too. I think what works for me is eating well (mostly organic), vitamin supplements(with iron too), exercises accommodating energy levels at the time…gentle if I’m tired, and if I’m having a relapse I only do what’s important and save my energy. You will meet some lovely people here, this forum has helped me loads. Take care x

Good for you Mr. Messy!

I’m still on the diagnosis merry-go-round, but like you have cut dairy, gluten, and anything I think is a trigger. The difference to me has been enormous. Also, exercise makes me feel like I have some control over my body, so I do as much as I can. Given that the doctors/neuros don’t seem to be too hot on thinking about potential causes, I’m still researching myself to see if lifestyle/dietary changes can help even further. I’ve been reading about the digestive system of late and how 80% of the immune system is within the gut (our second brain apparently). In the middle of a house/country move at the mo, but once that’s out of the way, I’m going to concentrate on detoxing the body with alkine water filters and specifically adapting my diet and supplements to help the gut do its job correctly.

Good luck with your own diet and exercise!