New to the group. I care for my Dad

Hi all,

My Dad was diagnosed with PPMS in the 90s, he’s been ticking over quite nicely till recent months. Enough that he’s now finally allowed me to help/advocate for him. I suppose I’m just looking for advise on how best to do this, while still maintaining his own autonomy. He’s had a flare up, so he had a MRI scan last week, then today he was sent a text to got to see an Endocrinologist in the next few weeks. I’ve been googling it& there’s many reasons this could be, but does anyone have any advise/ideas what it could be. His nurse is amazing, & I’ve sent her an email but she’s on leave for a few days & it’s kinda chewing away at me. All he’s had is a text with the appt, no other letter/call. Thanks in advance

Probly just to test for hormone imbalance and if your dad has one… thy can give him hormones to get him back to his old self and to check endocrine system is working propaly hope you get it sorted soon hun :grin: