New To Forum PPMS

Hi Everyone introducing myself
I am Mat from West Lancs.
Lived in USA for 15 years
Had this wonderful thing now 16 Years i have now staged to ppms.
Had loads of medications since onset
From Chemo Tysabri Rebif thats just a few.
I am still walking just, have loads of symptoms, its all fun.
It isint the end of the world
just saying hello
If anyone wants to talk and have some reassurance get intouch
Here to help where i can.

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Hi i have always been PPMS, i take it you were RRMS and now transitioned to the next stages of that.?

I have had mine since about 1999, first major symptom 2000. diagnosed 2016.

It is what it is. I have lost 4 friends now to different cancers so in a way i feel i am one of the luckier ones.

I can still walk just about but getting weaker. Its nice to meet you. Mathew.

Hi. I’m a PPMSer. Had it 24 years…read the book, seen the film, wore the t-shirt etc etc.
Most years, I’ve got on with stuff despite losing all mobility very early on. This year has been the worst, as a particularly stubborn UTI has ravaged all the energy I had left.
The lack of good quality sleep has got me the worst…7 weeks on and still feeling so so very tired.
But I will bounce back…promise!
Boods xxx

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I can relate. To stop mine from really starting i do regular dip stick tests of my urine. This has helped a lot to be honest as i can catch one before they really kick off. I have a maintenance dose of antibiotics every night. I take a high strength cranberry tablet told to do so by urologist.

When i first started this journey i was having UTI constantly it was draining. I feel for you hun, and hope you can get it under control. x