new diagnosis

Hi! It is great that this forum exists! Not sure if I am writing this in the right place. I was recently diagnosed with sensory transverse myelitis in T7. I can move about, but a bit clumsier, and have numbness and pins and needles (tingling) from the waist down. I don’t know much about TM. Any do’s or dont’s or things that help, or anyone with anything similar? New to this. Thanks!


it seems that transverse myelitis can manifest itself in many ways, like ms.

i know one person with TM and she is sometimes in a bad way but she goes to spain a lot and that helps her loads.

like all long term conditions, there isn’t a set path.

my advice is to make the best of your good days and don’t feel guilty about taking to your duvet on the bad days.

my friend would say get to a warm climate (I vaguely remember warm climates).

i suppose like everything else a good diet, adequate rest etc should be aimed for.

but a good gin works wonders for me and i have a fruit salad in it which takes care of the good diet!

so be kind to yourself and treat yourself to your tipple of choice.

carole x


There is a Transverse Myelitis Society:

You may want to have a look at their website for more information about your diagnosis.


Hi I have not been give the official diagnosis of M&S but am having all the tests. Today I received a letter with your MIR shows signs that are likely to be a symptom of ms. Please can anyone tell me about their first symptoms and test Thankyou