New diagnosis but still confused

Hi all,

I was diagnosed on Monday last week with MS by my he is a Parkinsons specialist not an MS specialist so he has referred me to Birmingham MS team so now waiting for that appointment.

However, he did say that there was no active problem in my MRI so I am not quite sure what this means as I still have all the symptoms I had when it was first investigated. Does this mean I will have the numbness tingling, joint pain etc forever or will it go? Also how do I know what type of MS it is that I have?

Sorry think I have rambled a bit but just wrote as things came into my mind!


Best sources of information are the MS Society and MS Trust websites. There are different flavours of MS. The most common in relapsing remitting. You suffer relapses (these can be seen as active on the MRI scan). These produce the symptoms and as you recover they remit. You can help this recovery by keeping as active and socially connected as possible. There are videos on exercise for some symptoms. Sitting down constantly for anyone will reduce our health.

Hope it helps, there is a lot to take in but the information does help.

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Thanks will take a look, was confused because people keep mentioning RRMS and other sorts but I was just told MS not a type so not sure how I know!

Best to wait until you see the consultant, you may realise which flavour fits your history.

It is best to learn the terminology as doctors are not always the best communicators.

Recovery even within relapsing remitting is usually less than perfect so symptoms may remain at a lesser degree. With mobility exercise will help to speed recovery and improve the outcome.

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I think you will still be in shock from your diagnosis. Silly to say but try very hard not to worry. MS is a very diverse ‘animal’ and you will learn your own path. Lots of questions at the beginning and it’s worth phoning the help line. Just a chat is so reassuring. Then plan ahead for visits to doctors and specialists. I write down all my questions so I don’t forget. Take care if yourself. Learn to say ‘no’ and relish the crazy preciousness of life.