Never been so angry

Hi All

I hope you are all well.

I had an appointment this morning with the neurologist who diagnosed me 15 months ago. The day I was diagnosed I was told I had MS and was sent on my way with no explanation on the illness I was only told that an MS Nurse would be in touch. There was no MS Nurse as the one that covers the area doesnt cover the village where I live. I ended up speaking the neuros sec who gave me the MS nurses number who pointed my in the right direction. I had to chase my old doctors who did nothing then I ended up finding the local MS Nurse myself and telling my doctor where to refer me. Because of where my Nurse was I was seen by another Neuro at another local hospital.

The new neuro and my nurse have been fab and have noticed that my health had declined and sent me for another MRI and found that I had more lesions. Not massively but enough for me to be reffered to have DMDs.

Anyway so a few months ago I had a letter come through to see the neuro who had told me I had MS and the appointment was today. I was called through to my appointment and I have never been spoken to like that in my life because I didnt know exactly what you class as a relapse. The neuro was asking why the new neuro had sent me for an MRI and said she didnt think I needed DMDs baring in mind she has seen me for 15 months and obviously hadnt read through any of my notes. She made me feel like I was wasting money if I had DMDs saying that each person who has DMDs costs the NHS £10,000 a year. It all ended in a bit of an argument and she said she wouldnt be seeing me again. Which is fine by me as she is an absolute cow bag!!

Sorry to have a rant but this has really upset me and I wondered if anyone else has been treated like this.

Sam x

Well, it is a good thing that you have sorted things out for yourself. How upsetting, though. Try not to let it trouble you too much - you now have a good 'un and, a you say, you don’t have to see Dr Charm School again. Pity for those who do, but that isn’t your problem to solve. Good luck with getting on a DMD. I hope that you find one to suit you well.


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How awful for you Sam! I’m pleased you’ve got a good neuro & nurse now & don’t have to see the other one again, nobody deserves to be spoken to that way.

Hope you’re soon sorted with your DMD’s, I was on Rebif for a number of years, it suited me well.

Rosina x

What a charming ‘lady’ she was. Well, just feel sorry for her. She’s obviously such a horrible person that the only kicks she gets is speaking to her patients like poop. I would be inclined to let the hospital manager know how ‘charming’ she was. Best of luck on sorting your treatment out xx

Make a complaint Sam - people like this will continue their terrible behaviour until some-one stands up to them. Make a complaint, then blow her a huge raspberry and tell her that as you have a new competent neuro, she can kiss your retreating behind!!! That last part you can rephrase as you wish.

JBK xx


I absolutely agree with the last 2 posts. You need to complain to the hospital, if you feel upto it. To be spoken that way is not right and NOBODY should be made to feel the way she made you feel. Good luck with your new neuro and nurse fingers crossed they are a lot more supportive.

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Really happy that you now have a lovely neuro and ms nurse Sam. Complain to PALS about Dr Drucilla…don’t let her off the hook :slight_smile: All the best to you xx

Contact PALS and make a complaint about her - it is not for a doctor to worry about how much the medications they prescribe cost, that’s the job of the finance department. The doctor’s job is to consider whether there is medication available for the patient’s condition/symptoms and whether the patient fits the criteria laid down.

If you ever do get another appointment sent through to see Dr Charm School, just ring and cancel it.

Now go an make yourself a hot chocolate or pour yourself a glass of wine - whatever you drink when you want to treat yourself.

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Please do report her. I had a similar exprience and did complain. Added stress yes but I dont regret it. Personally I wouldnt bother with PALs. I would make a formal complaint as they are taken more seriously.

I’m so glad you now have a good team, it make such as difference. I pitty the poor patients stil under her care.

Thank you all for your support.

I have emailed the hospital about it and will be typing up a lengthy complaint tomorrow as it has to be in writing!

Im glad I had my mom with me although I did think that she was going to flying drop kick her haha!

Thank you all again and I will let you know how I get on xx

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Good news as hopefully she will learn from this and other patients will benefit. I would ask for the reply to be in writing.

sorry to here about your problems with the medical staff you should complain, I am having the same issues doctor actually said your coping so why do you want to keep asking questions, I live in scotland and god help us if we go independent, we dont pay for prescriptions sounds good but there is only one ms nurse covering a vast area, i have also been waiting for ten months to see a neurologist, i complained and was told that i refused to see the designated neurologist when i said i had seen her in the past and her knowledge of ms was patchy so not much use to me. I also had a fight to get certain medication not for my MS had to write to the MP

Each to their own isnt it. Il try anything to slow down my symptoms and make me feel better because working full time with very painful muscle cramps isnt easy. Ibuprofen dont help the pain I get either. I understand your entitled to an opinion but why would I make up that the neuro was rude and what was said?


She made me feel like I was wasting money if I had DMDs saying that each person who has DMDs costs the NHS £10,000 a year. [/quote]


The best reply to that would be- a usless neuro costs the nhs £100k+ a year. But access to drugs that will help me is priceless,



Hey! Has anyone thought that ‘Anonymous’ might be the Neuro we were talking about? Hahaa. Silly messages get a silly answer. Wonder if that’s the same ‘Anonymous’ who gave someone a horrid reply on Everyday Living earlier

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I hope it is. Saying that she will know how I feel soon enough as I emailed my complaint today xx

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I love this reply!! Bang on!

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there are some absolutely appalling consultants in the NHS (and i am the biggest supporter of our NHS). one was incredibly rude to me in front of other patients/ staff, and i reminded them that the hospital was littered with posters informing that staff expect to be treated with respect. i reminded him that this is a two way street. he scuttled off quick enough!

please don’t ever be afraid of standing up to them- you are a human being who does not deserve the illness, let alone the poor manners of someone who feels they’re above you. i think a mandatory part of training should be doctors being in the position of a patient, experiencing the fear, insecurity and anxiety as those they will end up treating.

all the best, fluffyollie