Neuropathic pain and numbness legs

Hello! I have not been diagnosed with MS but waiting for MRI results of brain and cord. Problems with me started with nerve pain in feet and knees and numbness and extreme sensitivity of the skin… Who else had this and what meds helped for you? Have now been put on Gabapentin. But worried about wooziness because I have a 7 month old baby…

Morninh Joujeh! Welcome!

I think it’s safe to say most of us on here have experienced nerve pain, numbness & skin sensitivity in one part of the body or the other! Mine is mostly left side now - foot, leg with numbness up as far as my breast at one point. There are all sorts of things that can cause it - when was your MRI? Have you seen a neurologist yet?

Gabapentin worked wonders for me very quickly - and I have not had a single side effect from it at all - I’m only on 900mg per day though xxjenxx

Hi joujeh, Can totally sympathise with the tingling and numbness. I have it on and off from my foot to my face and ear and like kizzydane it’s all down the left side. Not sure about the medication as I’m still waiting for MRI results but I hope you get it all sorted quickly and get a dx so you can get sorted with your little one. If you’re worried about the medication you could always speak to the neuro or a pharmacist? Mick

Thanks both of you! Will just get on with it and try Gabapentin… Seen neuro and had MRI now waiting for follow up :frowning: Whatever it is, I just want the feeling to come back in my legs…