Neuro sec

Just got off the phone with my neuros sec , Chasing my appointment for ct scan apparently the final puzzle piece to getting DX she said. Tried to fish for info but she politely said he wants to rule out a few things. She was very nice and helpful ( as she could be ) Are they limited to what info they can pass on to patience ? Sorry just bored stuck at home and getting impatient Thanks Gray x

Lots of them won’t or aren’t allowed to pass on the information as they’re not medically trained so may not be able to answer further questions Axx

I’ve never managed to get any medical information from any secretaries.

Yep, would echo what the others have said.

They’re not allowed to say, because there’s too much risk they might have got it wrong - not to mention that they can’t tell, on the phone, that “you” are definitely you. They might be giving out your confidential medical info to a private investigator, or any nosy-parker who’s decided to do a bit of digging on you!

I’ve found that although they won’t tell, they do give hints, if you know how to read them - especially if it’s good news (i.e. a test was clear). They will say: “Don’t worry about it!”, or some such thing, which is telling you without seeming to. They’re not going to say: “Don’t worry!” if they know it showed some horrendous thing, are they? Well, I suppose it might be sound advice anyway, but I don’t think the average person would go out of their way to give false reassurance, if it was dreadful news.