need wee bit of help

Hi. Just feeling as if I need a wee bit of help just now. Have been having these symptoms since last June and only having a wee rest from them, a couple of days here and there. Waiting to see the neurologist on the 5th sept, but feeling I am not recieving any support just now, except from my family who are just as confused as I am. I have been feeling tired, suffering from headaches and fuzziness, painful limbs, stiffness, aches , pains and very emotional and tearful. Sometimes doubting myself that these may be false. I have always been a tower of strength and never lye down to anything and I am now just wanting to go to my bed and stay there .


Hi bibby, so sorry to hear you are having a tough time. If you need to rest, then do so…chuff what anyine else thinks.

Probably because you are usually the one who buffers everyone else, they and you find it difficult when you need some help.

5th Sept isn`t too long off now, so when you see your neuro, I hope he can help you.

We``re all here for you hun.

luv Pollx

Hi Bibby,

It’s a difficult time waiting for a diagnosis. It’s very common to worry that “it’s all in your head”

Hopefully by next week you will be on the road to some answers. (Probably won’t get anything definitive straight away as they will have to do test and stuff)

I agree 100% with Poll about taking a rest. You might never have needed to in the past but right now if you need to sit back and put your feet up – DO IT!


Thank you Poll and Jane for your sweet messages. My daughter arrived shortly after I had my wee moan and made everything a bit brighter for me. all my love, bibby. x

Limboland is one of the worst places on earth so we all feel for you.

Pain is also very debilitating so your gp could address that with you before you see the neuro. My gp put me on Baclofen and amitriptyline before dx and it made the world of difference.

I hope the 5th brings you some answers or at least a few more steps in the right direction.

Feeling guilty about not being your usual self is another problem we all suffer with,but I’m afraid that putting yourself first is the only cure for that.

Its an alien concept I know but if you explain to people its your only way of being good for anything they too will learn and adapt to the new you.

Take care