My symptoms

I have not been diagnosed with MS, however I am having a lot of unexplained strange symptoms…

Six months ago, I developed difficulty swallowing liquids - not choking, but more like gagging and strange sensations. Also i seem to have lost the ability to initiate a swallow easily because my throat doesn’t feel ready, so i have to hold the liquids in my mouth for a few seconds.

Soon after I developed pains in my legs, which lasted around six weeks 24/7. These leg pains were completely unexplained because they were quite severe, however i had not taken part in any sports or anything as such.

Then my swallowing difficulties developed and turned into difficulty swallowing food as well - food felt like it was getting stuck at the top of my throat and it was difficult again to initiate a swallow. However the difficulty in swallowing food only lasted a fortnight, but i still have difficulty with liquids every day.

Along with my swallowing difficulties, i started getting strange sensations in my tongue, which would not go away. Everyday, my tongue would burn, tingle and feel numb. However now i only feel the numbness in my tongue as soon as i wake up, which is honestly the strangest feeling i have ever had. But i also seemed to have too much saliva in my mouth as if my mouth would be filled up with it and sit at the corners of my mouth.

My hands also have a quite bad tremor and have noticed it particularly bad, when i am using my phone as my hand will shake uncontrollably, however my thumb seems to be the worst affected and its very visible.

I thought i would note that i am only a seventeen year old girl.

Have any of you experience anything similar?

Hi there Have you been to see a doc?I havn’t had swallowing difficulties myself but it does sound unpleasant. Swallowing and other symptoms may be ms,but only a neurologist can diagnose you. Best of luck. Katx

Hello, yes I have been to a doctor and being sent to a ear, nose and throat specialist for an endoscopy - lucky me haha. Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Sophie,

I’m a diagnosed person, who has been experiencing voice and swallowing difficulties recently - BUT, I’ve no idea if they are to do with the MS, or completely coincidental. I have a history of a sensitive throat and a lot of infections, quite independently of MS.

My doc thinks it’s very unlikely to be anything malignant, so I’ve been left with the “option” of an endoscopy, and can’t decide.

I’m sorry to hear you’re having these problems at just 17 - although there’s no good time to have them. I wasn’t diagnosed 'til 44 and am now 49.

I hope you get some answers soon. Your symptoms are all things that can be associated with MS - however, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have MS. It’s quite a tricky diagnosis, as a rule, and there are more than 100 conditions that have similar symptoms, so it could still turn out to be any of those.



Hello, thank you for the reply. I think I would prefer the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis to some of the other conditions (such as als/motor neurone), even though I know multiple sclerosis is devastating. However I hope my age works in my favour.

I am sorry about your diagnosis - I hope that your speech and swallowing difficulties are sorted and improve.

Morning Sophie,

Well, I’m not a doctor, but as I understand it MND and MS are not hard for a professional to distinguish. For a start, I don’t think MND typically causes pain, as surprising as that may sound. Because it specifically affects the motor circuits (as the name implies) and not pain/sensory circuits, it is not associated with nerve pain.

So I would think having e.g. tingling sensations (classic nerve pain) makes MND pretty much out of the picture. Tingling isn’t a motor (movement) problem.

So I don’t think ALS/MND is really one you have to worry about, In this context, tingling is GOOD! :wink:



Haha I guess it’s sorta good - ish. As I type this my tongue is burning like crazy.

thank you for the reply