My MS introduction

Hi im not really sure how to start, but im 33m my symptoms showed on oct 2022 (neck pain/numbness, arm and hand pain/numbness) after a bad experience with a physio, i eventually managed to get a diagnosis of relapsing & remitting MS a year later oct 2023.

Thankfully my symptoms arent too impactful on my day to day, the numbness in my right hand has went from not being able to hold/feel/grip something to just a light tingly sensation. I get random shooting pains down my neck but i can move it rather freely.

I have noticed other possible symptoms but im not sure if they are related to MS things like:

Ive always thought i was a bit clumsy but i think im bumping in to things a lot more and my balance has been a lot worse.

sometimes but only at night i feel like my right eye struggles more to adapt to the darkness than my left. ive had glasses since i was 8 so again i never really thought much of it when it started (2023)

I play video games as a hobby and at times i find im struggling to focus, not like vision wise but as in my brain seems to be struggling to keep up with whats going on. i just past it off as i was tired but in hindsight it wasnt the same.

the big one Ive had since i was 21 was id get what i would descrive as a stuck-in-throat feeling. at first when i brought it up it was waved off as “you clearly need to chew your food properly” how this was put into doubt when it can happen when drinking any fluid or just swallowing my own saliva. I have brought this unexplainable symptom a lot through out the years i have yet to mention it to my MS consultant though.

among other things, wondering if anyone here has experienced similar things?

im introspective and very much in the now. Thinking about what i have to do for the future, has always been a struggle of mine. for those of you that have had MS for a while, what bit of advice would you want to have told yourself when you first found out?

Lastly, just putting this out there as someone who doesnt like typing a lot, dunno if anyone would be interested or if one already exists but i could set up a discord server?

Its an instant chat/voice comms it was originally made for gamers/vodeo games in mind (where you can talk to your friends whilst playing games) but its pretty versatile. Getting one set up is a decent amount of work so ill happily do it if the demand is there, just a think sometimes topics especially with something like MS requires actually talking with people.

thanks for taking the time to read my wall of text.

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Hello All. I am a male from London and have had MS since 2011. :wave: