my mother is unable to think and use her brain well recently

Hi All,
My wishes goes to all of the people suffering from this terrible disease and I hope you all get cured from it and get rid of it forever.
My mother is 55 years old
she was diagnosed with MS in 1998 about 19 years ago from now.
about 2 years ago she lost the ability to walk, she can only move her hands but with difficulty.
2 years ago my mother was walking in home and she was alone and she fall on her head causing a bleeding in her brain
we took her to the hospital and the doctors said that she had Concussion and after 3 days she was good and she recovered from it without any surgery, since then she lost the ability to walk as I mentioned.
two weeks ago until now she is suffering from Lack of focus and perception, when we talk to her we feel like she is not 100% knowing what we are saying and when she wants something she remembers the name of it very hardly and sometimes she talks to us about something not making any sense.
the doctor asked for a new MRI scan and to have 5 solumedrol needles, she took them but still the same symptoms
we are really feeling bad for her and I want to know is this normal and temporary or she lost her mind now :frowning:
please help is someone knows anything about this matter.

sorry to hear that your mother is having such an awful time.

maybe a referral to a speech therapist could help.

solumedrol is a steroid and just gives a boost but not a cure.

your love and support is the best you can give.

“suffering from Lack of focus and perception, when we talk to her we feel like she is not 100% knowing what we are saying” I have similar problems when people speak in long never ending sentences. I keep asking for bullet points, just short to the point sentences I can follow easily. Perhaps try this. I find processing lots of info too much and I drift and switch off, because I can’t remember the beginning of the sentence. Poor sort-term memory and poor processing are more a problem for other people rather than me. I am happy alone in my room and I have no sense of 5 minutes or 5 hours. Time is elastic. As long as I am comfy in my chair I am fine. Fay