my first year

When i got first told i had PPMS i was in a bit of shock i was expecting ms because i had been falling over alot even on level ground a no of times a week my walking was at a very low rate my grate seemed not write .My normal walk down the stairs i seem to use my hands as like a support same if i was walking along a wall i was using one hand like a supoort toching the wall. I had problems focusing with my eyes I found i took longer to problem solve even it was something i had done before. I found i was forgot where i park my car my head felt odd like every thing was clouldy.

I started my treatment plan now fine tuned to 5mls coldpressed rapeseed oil(lidl/asda) once in the morning and once in the evening . I also took 5mls pressed ginger root again once in morning and in the evening(this was to stop or control my knee pain from walkin down the stairs. I was also taking vit D 12.5mg ,vit B12 100mg ,odourless garlic 3mg 1.1mg vit b1 ,turmeric with black pepper =to 2500mg glucosamine sulphate 1500mg, omerga 3 1000mg ,probio plus (lat rhamnosus lat plantarum) lecithin 1200mg ,glucosamine sulphate 1500mg .

For breakfast i have a bowl of bran flakes appox 70gs with milk and natural yougate 1 g of willow bracken mushroom extract in the afternoon 1 g lions maine mushroom extract it was just over 3 months of taking this extract i was able to feel the temperature of the bath water with my feet have not been able to do this for the past few years.I also use a rife generator to treat my self for ms which i am fine turning for the problems i have and magnets which have also helped (to control what i did not reaseasl was the fact that the floor felt spongy that is why i was falling over) .On my rife generator i have introduced clemastine fumate, lipoic acid and thioctic acid since doing this i have more flexible left arm i also reduced the glucosamine sulphate i needed to take at night. The other thing i spotted was i tended to lie on my back in the bath i found i started to sit up in the bath now since i introduced hpothalamus balance ,hypothalamus function balance and hpolthamus normal function on my rife generator also this has helped by rombergism. The other thing i noticed was if i went to sleep with a magnet at SJ6 point on my left arm and the 2 energy points on my wrist i have very vivid dreams work is still in progress.


Good luck with all of it x

This is amazing all the vitamins that you added to your diet but how did you know what would help?
Ive started taking regular vitamin D, have been recommended ferrous sulphate although not to tell the chemist i have ms but that alone freaks me out a bit.
Its a mind field.

the vitamins i used where found to have most beneficial use i looked at various web sites including research gate and general searches on ms but i think the mushroom extracts made the biggest improvement also just after a year i did the pin prick test on the soles of my feet and i could feel the pins.The other thing i noticed when i removed the magnets for a bath i found between 30 mins to 1 hour after my bath i found i was unsteady on my feet and in fact was i think i fell over