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My first consultation tomorrow

Hi, I posted here in August when my symptoms started (well the ones this year which have been very severe). I’ve finally got my first consultation with the neuro team at the Royal London Hospital (but via telephone) tomorrow. I’ve been logging my symptoms (pins and needs in feet and legs; tight pains in my ribs; ants crawling under skin which is scratched badly in places from nighttime itching; numbness in fingers and toes; worsening tinnitus; periodic weird sensations as if water is running down my legs, electric shots, an internal buzzing as if I’ve been plugged into an electricity socket; trouble sleeping especially due to having to empty my bladder approx 6 times in the night; excessive fatigue and debilitating limb pains which hinder me movement e.g. reaching for a glass of water is effortful and painful). I haven’t been able to work and my life has turned into only an existence. I’m praying (literally) that they will listen to me and help me.
Any advice on how I can make my case for them to take action would be most appreciated.
Many thanks and best wishes to everyone on here.

Hello Kitten

It’s good that you have a list of symptoms; you need some time scales to go with them. So for each of your symptoms, you need to be clear when it began, how long it lasted, how long it lasted and/or whether it’s partially or completely remitted.

What seems a bit odd is that on a phone appointment, the neurologist can’t do any neurological tests. So can’t decide for him/herself whether there’s any neurological problem. Have you had any neurological tests at all? Eg, did your GP do any testing, eg tuning forks testing reflexes, looking at your eye movements, anything at all? If so, I’d imagine the referral would have indicated what they thought!

So outwith any even basic neurological testing, all you can do is to explain symptoms. Following that, it’s a question of the neuro deciding to send you for at least an MRI, then seeing you in person.

Good luck.


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Thank you for your reply, Sue.
The telephone appointment was rescheduled to Christmas Eve, face-to-face. More waiting but I’m grateful she will actually see me in person.

I’m so glad. It really did seem odd, having a first neurology appointment on the phone. A few more weeks and at least you’ll have seen an actual neurologist.


Hi Sorry it’s been postponed, but it is much better that your appointment is face to face.
Good luck chick

Thank you - it’s on Friday so I am praying it will happen. I’m going to take a list of my symptoms because I have brain fog a lot of the time and I’m bound to forget something.
Happy Christmas.


At last!!! Best of luck Kitten. Don’t forget, stay away from people as much as possible. Wear a mask all the time.

(I’ve just seen a photo of the current Royal London. I was going to mention the old Victorian hospital that always made me think of Jack the Ripper - it’s changed a bit since I was an in patient having my first MS tests 25 years ago!!!)


Hello kitten,

Hope your Neurology appointment went well. I was going to say about time frames as my Neurologist won’t do anything unless there are time frames added to this. He said 2-3 days at a time it should last to be classed as Neurological.
Hope all is well!

Hi, I had my consultation with a very nice neurologist. She ordered a brain scan and further tests of my nerve pathways. She listened to my long list of symptoms and was very keen to get a scan done asap. She said I will have it within six weeks. I’m so grateful and relieved that I’m in the system now and can hopefully get to the bottom of what’s going on for me. My symptoms haven’t abated - I still feel as if I’ve been plugged into the electricity supply, aggressive pins & needles and trouble walking etc. (over Christmas I kept dropping things and even cut my thumb and didn’t realize it was so bad until blood spouted like a cartoon!) But even so, it feels like a lot of stress has been lifted. I hope the current surge in Covid doesn’t delay appointments for me and everyone on here. Happy New Year.

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I’ve got an MRI scan with contrast on Tuesday. One step closer to some answers :slight_smile:

Good, good, good. I’m so glad. It takes forever - even longer now I’m sure than it did.

Best of luck Kitten.