Muscle biopsy

I am having one soon and just wondered if anybody else has had one?

Why is it being done?


Mitochondrial disease , I have had genetic testing at Newcastle which has come back negative but does not rule it out, Nuero has recommended moving on and doing muscle biopsy.

Mmm, thanks for the info. What are your symptoms?


Weakness in muscles, not able to walk far without feeling exhausted, terrible balance issues, loss of hearing in one ear and the other deteriorating (ear numb so waiting for MRI to see if something putting pressure on the nerve behind ear). Pins and needles and cold numb patch’s on inner legs. Stiffness and pain in feet. Memory issues and stroke like episodes over last 9 yrs which are followed by deteriation that becomes pernament.

what is crossing your mind? Yr thoughts appreciated.


Oh Poll you have my attention xx :slight_smile: