Ms possible diagnosis. Brain lesion/ulnar nerve/bulging cervical spine


I’ve had a numbness sensation mainly while I sleep now for 9 years. Sometimes feels like my nerve in elbows will pop.

Had 3 nerve conductivity tests on my last one had bilnar nerve and mild compression on my C7.

In may last year I went to hospital because my shoulder had dropped on right hand side and got in stroke ward. In there found out I had a brain lesion from MRI, told me possible ms and they got me discharged to have a cervical thoracic spine MRI. Those results come back that my whole of my cervical spine is bulging. I’m now due another MRI full back scan because NHS made many mistakes. I’ve been trying to stay positive but my symptoms are getting worse. I couldn’t walk down a hill yesterday. Never felt that much pressure on my knees before. I feel so much pressure all over my body now. Anything I do has effects on me for weeks. Struggling to swallow more. I can spasm twitch all over even my face but only slightly on my face. Pressure on right eye. Hazy vision and I’m sure I’m light sensitive. Right shoulder dropped. Stiffness. Fingers on both hands bend in day and night now. I’ve been passed between hospital and my doctors have not took me seriously. Got my MRI on 4th March. I’m now positive because the ways my knees go that I do have MS.
Any advice I would appreciate because I feel like I have been took serious over approx 9 years of symptoms.