Ms hug on one side

Hi there
This is my first post. Diagnosed in 2007 but trying to figure out if this hug can affect one side and does it feel like heart attack?

Hello Nana1976,

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The first time I got the hug (about thirty years ago now) it was on the left side and I, like you, feared it could be a heart attack. So, I went straight to the local hospital where I was admitted overnight and given many tests which ruled out heart attack. That was a relief, but I still had the cramping pain.

Eventually a doctor had the idea to give me a series of anesthetic injections between my ribs …and the pains subsided. Diagnosis was ‘Intercostal muscle spasms.’

Some years later, when I was diagnosed with MS, that episode was noted by my neuro.

Since then I’ve been on gabapentin and the hug hasn’t bothered me too often.


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