MS Consultant appointments

Hi, I saw my MS Consultant in May 2018. I had an appointment for May of this year, but when I got there they said she didn’t have a clinic that day (no explanation). I then got an appointment for September. A couple of weeks later I got an appointment for later in September, but I was out of the country for that date. So I was given another appointment in November. I am really keen to see my consultant as I have broken my back and had my head glued in two different instances of falling over when standing and sitting doing absolutely nothing to cause a fall. Was a bit frustrated by another wait, but the appointment is just around the corner - at least it was until I got home tonight and found an appointment for October NEXT YEAR - so, two and a half years since my last appointment. Are there any guidelines that consultants should follow? Feeling really despondent about it all.

Hi, Marion!

I so agree that this is just not on! Do you have an MS Nurse 'cos she could probably sort out this mess for you and get you a much quicker appointment. If not, you might try contacting PALS at the hospital concerned. Also, have you tried ringing the neurologist’s secretary? It’s worth a shot, especially if you explain the circumstances. Another avenue worth exploring is to see if your GP can help to hurry things up.

I’m not sure about guidelines for the length of time before you can see your consultant, but the NHS may have these if you dig deep enough on their website. Perhaps others on here may know.

Wishing you loads of luck - do let us know how you get on. xx

If you get the chance to join the Simvastatin trial you’ll get to see your consultant every 3-6 months for the next 3 years.