MS and plaster cast

I have my leg in plaster. It’s a non weight bearing plaster and I am not managing very well. I cannot hop on my healthy leg. Haven’t got the strength to use crutches and my house is not adapted for wheelchair use. I feel very down. No idea how I will managre for another four weeks. Any ideas?

My daughter had her leg in plaster earlier this year and also could not move. You sit tight, leg on the bed or couch, watch a lot of daytime TV and surf the net. Trying to walk will only put the healing back.

Not great advice I know. The Red Cross will hire a chair, have you tried them? Or social services, they could provide zimmer frame at least. Get friends and family to come to YOU and make sure they know what help and when you need it.

Do you have carers already? If not try finding agency to get carers in maybe twice a day?

Hi I was due to have a foot operation at the end of October but the hospital rescheduled for December. I will not be able to weight bare to begin with and it will be sometime before I am able to walk normally. I am not sure if I will be able to manage crutches as I have osteoarthritis in my hands and a weak right side with poor balance, only time will tell. The surgeon has suggested I use a zimmer/walking frame if I cannot manage crutches. I certainly cannot hop!

Perhaps you could ring your Doctor’s surgery or social services and ask for a home visit by a physiotherapist or occupational therapist for advice? They should be able to loan you equipment.

I have recently purchased a Bambach saddle stool which is on castors and although very expensive I am finding this invaluable to scoot around the kitchen.