MS and Climate Change (Excessive Heat)

Hello, I read about the effects of excessive heat on people with MS, even a recent 2020 study involving 39 degree heat, but nowhere on this site could I find mention of climate change, and the likelihood of many more 40 degree days, like the one in 2022. I don’t know about you, but this really knocked me for six. Does anyone know, or does the MS Society itself know, why this obvious gap exists?

Yes, all kinds of generally bad things are worse for some groups than others, and hotter summers is one of them for most of us, I’m afraid. I have phase change cooling clothing for when I have to go out in hot weather . For staying in, I’m afraid I make the global problem even worse by using air-conditioning whenever possible. As for travels to hot places, not if I can help it. Maybe I can rationalise my air-conditioning units by claiming that at least I can off-set them against the air travel I’m not doing. :slight_smile:

Hi Neil. Ive no idea why there isnt more reference to rising temperature and MS or why so few people mention it on the forum. Fortunately for me I am in sort of mid Scotland which has so far avoided the highs found in England although there have been a few days when I’ve just retreated to the coolest place I can find in the house or garden. Many years ago I lived in London and now think I would have real difficulties in coping with the hot, airless and still London summers. Come to think of it there were a few posts about hot weather last summer and I remember referring to ‘cool jackets’ (basically like a loose waistcoat with multiple pockets for holding freezer blocks etc).