MRIs ....hmmmm?

Hi all So I went for my MRIs yesterday. Was expecting brain and spine based on what my Rheumy had told me but he had in fact requested neck and spine. This didn’t bode well in my mind for my hope that he was paying attention to my many neurological symptoms. So am disappointed as was hoping to get some answers about possible brain lesions given positive babinski, hyperreflexia and all the other near type symptoms. Anyway, couple of other questions… Why do they tape cod liver oil tablets on to you as markers? I know the oil shows up as bright spots on the MRI but what is the purpose? My radiographer said I’d done very well staying so still through a double appointment (1hour and 20 mins) as she could tell I was in pain in the machine. How can they tell? They can only see your feet sticking out. Or does something show ip on the slides? When it was done she said they had some good pictures and should have everything they needed. that The radiologist was already looking at my slides and would report back to my referring specialist immediately so how quick was I going to see him for follow up. When I said just under 2 weeks she looked at the other radiographer and then said “Oh OK that should be fine”. I’m reading into this that something showed up, although who knows what. What do you guys reckon? Think I’m going to go nuts waiting for my follow up appointment on 9th July! Thanks Cx

I can imagine you will be but rest assured if something showed that needed immediate treatment etc you would get a call to go in before then.

Never heared of the cod liver oil bit.

Are you under rheumy and neuro?


Thanks Pip. Just Rheumy at the mo. Apparently he and my GP don’t see constant pins and needles, loss of feeling, muscle jerks, nerve pain, weird walk, positive babinski, hyperreflexia, nocturia, brain fog etc etc as neurological !?!? Cx

Well they should be put against a wall and shot…maybe your best bet is wait on your rheumy appt and get him to refer you onto neuro or get him to tell your gp he needs to.

All the best with your results, but as I know nothing rheumy related is it not poss that your symptoms come from a rheumy cause?


Absolutely no idea about the cod liver oil capsules! Am intrigued though, so may well have a google…

There’s no way to tell from the images whether or not you are in pain. Showing things like that requires a different type of scanning and a load of work to analyse the data (which is why I get really p’d off with tv programmes showing all these lovely colours on the screen and doctors talking about anything other than anatomy during the scan!). I can only assume that you were doing something with your feet, either consciously or subconsciously, that they could see or that you sounded strained when they spoke to you over the intercom.

I wouldn’t read too much into the 2 weeks bit either - it might have been something about when the radiologist comes back from a holiday or how fast/slow he/she works or something equally benign.

Not long to wait - although it will probably feel like an age!

Karen x

Thanks all. Going to find more things to distract myself with… Talking of distractions, my 75 year old Mum sent me one of those pill boxes for each day of the week with Morning, Noon, Eve and Bed on as a bit of a joke cos I am always ‘poorly’. However, I’ve filled it up this afternoon as I thought I may as well use the thing. Have more tablets in it than my 84 year old Step-dad with cancer has in his! And I haven’uneven put the OTC painkillers I’m allowed on top of my amitriptyline for nerve painin it yet. You’ve got to laugh really, haven’t you.

Hello Claire,

My first MRI was requested by my rheumy which was of my neck and spine, after that he asked me to get my own doctor to refer me to a neuro. She then sent me to St.Thomas’s Hospital in London where they gave me a head, neck and spine MRI. Why are you under a rheumy in the first place? I to have never heard of the cod liver oil capsules.



Hi Janet

GP referred me to rheumy as thought it was ME/fibromyalgia. However, some of the more neurological symptoms I have just don’t seem to fit with that dx (although some other symptoms are shared).

Why were you seeing a rheumy if you don’t mind me asking? Have you got lesions / been diagnosed?

Presume if something shows up I’ll get an appropriate referral.


I had the cod liver oil capsule taped to the top of my back as well ,i didnt think to ask what it was for lol :slight_smile:

Sam x

Hello Claire,

I was seeing a rheumy because I have Ankylosing Spondylitis, Lupus, APS and osteoarthritis and he noticed my myoclonic jerks and that’s why he said to see a neuro. It’s a long, long story which spans about 40 years. It is hard to tell at times which pain is caused by what! If I can help anymore please pm me.



P.S. Sorry forgot yes I have been dx with SPMS.