MRI Scan

Had an mri scan (head and spine) on March 20. Will the result get sent directly to me or does it go to the gp. How long might it take?


All depends whp called for the scan.
If it was the GP, then they should get the report.
If it was a consultant, they should report to your GP with a copy to you (see the NHS Constitution).
Do note that a consultant can be as brief, or as detailed as they choose, and you may need a lot of help to understand it.


the Neuro ordered the scan (not the most pleasant 40 minutes I’ve spent!) - wondered how long it may take - it will be three weeks this Monday since I had the scan.

Hi, My hospital were slow getting my MRI report done, I was advised it can take up to four weeks, though there are occasions when it may be up to six weeks.

I had an MRI on the 24th Feb. Still not had an ‘official’ report, though my MS nurse did look up the results for me when I saw her a couple of weeks ago. The MRI I had previously (back around May 2015) was never reported to me. I did eventually get my results when I saw my GP, and asked if she’d heard anything. She was able to log directly on to the Radiology system and printed the report that the Consultant Radiologist sent to my Neuro…

I am tempted to actually request a copy of my medical notes, as I’m sure there’s a lot I haven’t been told. Most of it is probably not of any consequence, and would probably just raise more questions than it answers… I try and work by the belief that if something was serious, I’d get a call!

I tend to ask my neurologist for copies of any letters he sends to my GP and have on occasion requested copies of other info from my GP. Found if I didn’t ask neurologists for copies of letters sent to my GP, then I tended not to get one. Got a copy of one MRI report and it was a bit of a medical minefield to understand. If your consultant requested the MRI, then you might find that he’ll only report back to your GP with his overall understanding/diagnose after your next appointment. However, as mentioned previously your GP/MS nurse can access the MRI results. Trust you get answers soon. The waiting game is a difficult time.

Also, look at the new diagnoses forum - the very first item is beginner’s guide to brain and MRI. I’ve previously looked at this and you might find it helpful.

I always get copies of letters sent to my GP from the neurologist. However, I’ve just had a new MRI scan done and to be honest, I’m not actually expecting a report from it. I expect it to be discussed at my next appointment with my neuro (which is in June) and then for a letter to go to my GP which I will get a copy of.

The only information I tend to get from an MRI is whether there has been new disease activity. I’ve been discussing on and off whether I am still RR or SP. Thus far he’s always said, on looking at MRIs, that there does appear to still be disease activity. This demonstrates to him that there is still a relapsing element to my MS whether or not it is progressive, therefore the label of RR remains (because of DMD eligibility).