MRI Query - Please Help

Hi folks,

“A little linear high T2 signal anteriorly within the cervical cord from C4 to C6 is most likely due to prominence of the central canal. Otherwise no definite altered signal is seen within the cord.”

Any ideas greatly received.


Moyna xxx

Hi Moyna,

I could not answer this without resorting to a bit of online research, but it seems most likely it is a “normal” anatomical variation seen in about 1.5% of people. It seems to be part of a spectrum that is occasionally associated with pathology, but if the report makes no mention of it as a likely cause of your symptoms, it’s probably just a coincidence. I suppose ultimately up to your neuro to decide, though. If he thinks it’s suspicious, no doubt he will investigate further.



Thanks Tina, neuro didnt mention it. It is in the same place were there used to be a lesion. I really want answers from these doctors which I am just not getting - so frustrating!

Moyna xxx