MRI overdue??

I was diagnosed with MS just over 2 years ago. I began treatment (Rebif) in September 2013. I haven’t had a MRI since the end of 2012 and was wondering if I am able to request a MRI to see if the treatment i’ve been taking is actually helping at all or if there has been any deterioration in my brain.

Has anyone else been in a similar position?


Why not suggest it to your consultant… “When r u planning to do another MRI …” etc. If that’s what you’d like to happen, it wouldn’t hurt to put the idea in his head.

H x

You could be waiting a long time.

My consultant (I last saw two years ago and have been told I won’t be seeing again…) said when I asked him the very same thing "no we don’t check - MRIs are expensive and usually fully booked).

I paid to have one done privately. In 15 years I have only had 1 done on the NHS.

The term ‘written off’ springs to mind.

I was diagnosed in 2007 and had an MRI then.Last September I had a big relapse and the consultant I saw booked me in for another MRI.When the results came back it showed more MS spots on the brain.I was on Rebif for three years and they have now started me on Tecfidera.I don`t think you can just ask for a scan maybe wrong but worth trying,good luck

Thanks for the replies!

How ridiculous that they have said MRI scans are expensive, surely keeping check on the progression of the condition and changing medications where suitable will be a cheaper method?

i am due to see my consultant at the end of the year so I think i will ask if i can have a MRI to see if the painful and bruising injections i’m taking 3x a week are actually working. If we had another terminal condition i.e. Cancer we would be routinely checked via MRI scans to review if treatment was working.

Again, thank you all and i hope things change so you no longer feel written off… Not good x