MRI day

hi all.

Finally it’s here, after 2 months of waiting. I’ve driven through horrible conditions to get here, and I’m sat in the car feeling too scared to go in. I want answers so badly, but I also want to stick my head back in the sand. I think the thing that is finally going to get me out of the car & in there is the fact that I really need the loo (& the wind is shaking the car quite a lot!).

wish me luck!


Good luck Paula x

Very best of luck Paula

Hi Paula,

Good luck, don’t forget buy a copy DVD of your MRI; handy for comparison purposes with any future MRI’s. They can lose or mislay their copy so you will always have one; costs about £10.

Also the number of images relate to the number of slices each image is taken. This is important as see my Bible


Thank you guys. Back home now. Have to say it was an utterly horrible experience. I was expecting something like the one I’ve in ‘House’, rather than a machine with a ‘just get a thin body in there’ hole! I knew it would be noisy, but I had no idea about how close to the roof of the thing your face is.

Was in there for ages. Had been told appointment would take an hour, but it actually took 2. I thought it was all over at one point, only to be told I needed an injection for contrast & then I was back in there. How stupid was I thinking that contrast would just be a dial they turned on the machine.

Didnt have time to ask about buying a copy (gutted) as my son had an emergency gp appointment (chickenpox not going well!) & we only have the one car, so have to leave at running pace.

Now on to the next wait!


Hi Paula, glad that it is over and done for you - hopefully you wont have a long wait for the report and follow up appointment. Hope your little one feels better soon - mine has been struck down with scarlet fever - the joys ehy


Glad it’s over for you Paula. If you can’t bear the wait, phone your gp to make enquiries. A copy of the report should be sent to the gp and you may know something before a Neuro appointment.

Not sure why you’d want to buy a copy. It will be on hard drive, like xrays now and all have back up so it won’t be lost. A copy will be on file and if you really want one, you can pay for one anytime. Here in Ireland a copy is given to the patient as routine. Well in my county anyway. I have all of mine from over the years, before dx. Because my knee kept buckling,my treatment began as knees, l. spine and then brain (ironically, they did the brain scan three days before I ended up in a&e with partial paralysis thinking I was having a stroke!).

I confess, I put the disc in my laptop the other night and it works! Now of course, with absolutely NO knowledge of what’s what, I’ve been comparing my brain scan from diagnosis in May to last weeks one…Hmmm

God, I wish I’d thought about cream cakes. All I could think about was how much longer would it be. All not helped by the radio 2 they piped through to me which wasn’t quite loud enough to hear properly, yet loud enough to significantly add to the racket the machine was making. I have tinnitus, so my ears are ringing really loudly tonight.


How stupid was I thinking that contrast would just be a dial they turned on the machine.

​ [/quote]

You’re not the only one. I had been dx for years before having an MRI ‘with contrast’, and the needle business came as a total surprise to me too!

I am just lost in wonder at the cleverness of MRI scanners, though, and view the whole thing with the superstitious reverence of the awe-struck peasant.



Glad the MRI is over it anoys me when going for these type of appointments being in a rush. I hope the next one would be better, I believe the newer MRI machines are better, that’s if your local hospital digs into their pockets! At least you got music the latest one for me had no music so I had to make a tune in my head that went with the machine noise.