Motability and wheelchairs


I’ve just got DLA to allow me to go ahead and sort a powered wheelchair for myself. Can anyone give me any advice on the best way of doing this. I have a manual one which I’m finding it hard to use as I’m on the large side - from nhs. Only using for distances at the moment though I should use it more probably.

Novice at all this!

I agree with Phill – it’s hard to find one chair fits all. I have an Invacare Apollo for inside (NHS) which is very compact. For outside I’ve currently got a Jazzy Select (Ebay) but I hate it so I’m looking a replacement. I want something robust to cope with the cobbles and uneven pavements in my country town but small enough that I don’t feel like a tank round the shops!!
I spend hours on the internet reading specs.

The Motability website has got lists of chairs but not much info about each one but it’s a place to start. You need to test drive some so that you can start to see what you like and don’t like. For example I’d never get another central wheel drive but some people swear by them.



I would suggest that you take time out to go to one of the mobility shows. In April there is one in Manchester and I think June at the Peterborough Show Ground. This will enable you to try out as many power chairs as you like and talk to manufacturers and suppliers. You do not have to buy and can just have some fun.

My supplier Bromakin has a wide range which can be tried out, new and used. They guarantee the used chairs and will turn out to service if required. My own chair started out as a new Beetle and when I wanted something more powerful we kept the top which suits me having a drop down control, soft seat and active back and obtained a used Puma base with its bigger wheels and more powerful batteries. In effect I am still using a chair which is entering its 7th year of use.Suppliers vary and I would try to find one in your region which has a good record of service and who are happy for you to visit and try out what they have in stock.

My chair is a heavy weight and I would not use it in the house. I still ride up mountains (even if a bit limited) but then my husband has the task of loading and unloading my chair (part dismantled) into our vehicle which is quite a job. So basically, you need to first sit down and take stock of what would meet your current requirements. As said previously, there is no one fix but also it is costly.

You could enquire about a power pack for your existing manual chair if vibration and pressure do not cause you a problem.

Good luck


Congrats on getting dla have you though to ring St MARYS HOSPITAL in Armleythay have a team which helps you to try wheel chairs to help you find the right one.



I forgot about the Disability Living Centre - national with lots of centres around UK. They often sell at cost price and give good advice



Speak to your GP about the NHS Wheelchair Service, as some parts of the UK have it. In 2010, I called my GP to make a referral and I now have a foldable wheelchair (which is looked at once a year).

I just had an OT visit for an assessment… She left 10 minutes ago? She suggested that I would need a powerchair… I don’t know whether to laugh or cry to be honest…heard awful tales of folk being refused and such, I only asked my MS nurse about a wheelie two weeks ago!! Lucky or tragically pathetic???