MOT! Finding the fuel (energy wise)

Posted recently about something and have found the replies really helpful :slight_smile:

However I now asking for energy tips. I’m exhausted all the time! Does anyone have any suggestions to help with this. I have taken Modifinal before, while I was working, but wasn’t comfortable with the grinding teeth and always felt out of balance. Any more herbal remedies or activity ideas would be appreciated. Thank you… Ann

Hi Annie

Have a look at the MS Trust book on fatigue and its management:

Basically, fatigue management seems to me to be all about pacing yourself. Breaking tasks down into easy chunks rather than doing jobs all in one go. This is particularly relevant to household type jobs. Don’t try and clean your house all in one go, leaving the hoovering doesn’t hurt. Think about ways to make jobs easier, i.e. using throw away wipes to do cleaning jobs is much better for fatigue management than cloths and water.

Making sure you rest regularly and properly is another thing that seems natural and normal, but it’s not until you really think about it that you realise that while you think you’re resting, your brain is still planning and working, so try to shut it down. Many people swear by meditation to help.


Thank you Sue…

I hadn’t thought about wipes.:slight_smile: I don’t really have a management plan so will sit down and plan my time better. I’m a take things head on type of person and won’t stop till its done. You will rest Ann !! :slight_smile:

That’s my problem too Annie, I was always (and still am really) the kind of person who starts a job and wants to get on with it and do it completely. Which is why I sometimes find myself (in my wheelchair) scrubbing at the oven or the kitchen … and getting so damn knackered because one job leads to another, and on and on.

So I’ve had to learn to stop. To do a little bit at a time. So with regard to cleaning, there’s an awful lot I can’t do, so I’ve had to live with not having the house dusted properly. (My OH doesn’t really believe in dusting so mostly it’s not done. I just wait and eventually I wear him down.) But I can, and do, clean bits of the bathroom a lot. Using wipes, I clean the sink and the loo. The windowsills and the countertops. But I don’t do it all in one go. I do a little but at least every couple of days. This way I generally have a bathroom I’m not too embarrassed by when people call round. But I’m not too knackered by it. Once, I’ve have done the whole thing in one go.

Or, I’ll clean the kitchen sink. And stop there. Or descale the kettle. Or whatever, I just won’t do it at once.

And the same thing applies to any other thing I do. Little at a time. And rest properly every day.

So yes, you will rest Ann.


I set the alarm on my phone for 30 mins before starting anything. In theory, this is to stop me after 30 minutes, so I do not over-do it. In practice, it is to keep my nose to the grindstone for a whole 30 minutes without drifting off to look at Facebook or check my email … Sometimes it works. :slight_smile:


Ah, the bane of all our lives… when the fatigue hits, it’s like running into a wall. I try to manage it by prioritising drastically… and doing a little bit at a time. E.g. keeping all the cleaning products in the room where they need to be used - a packet of toilet rolls, the cream cleaner, bleach, kitchen roll and scrubbing pad in the bathroom, and you can just give it a quick whizz round in a couple of minutes every time. And it means the bathroom is usually fit to be seen by unexpected company!

I have a rule, as soon as I think I am getting a bit tired and might want a cup of tea, it means I have gone past the point and beyond. So immediately put down everything, sit on my bum, put crap tv on and watch till the programme has finished. Also, for me I can do loads of things but it means the next day, I have to be in bed not ill but just warm, resting, reading etc. Sometimes this is for a couple of days (and again it is a personal timeline just for me), this then enables me to be bored, make plans, do things again and this is my normality. If I have a big daft plant to go somewhere or do something I shouldn’t, I rest for two days beforehand in bed, reading, watching films, staying warm blah blah and then I have enough energy to go on a jaunt or tackle the garden or go out for the day with careful planning.

I pushed this for a long time until my lovely GP said ‘Right stop it now Pam and sort it out’ so this is what I do and it works for me.It is quite difficult finding one’s own peaks and troughs and the limitations and also how far we can push. It is a learning curve.

The nice GP also has been very strict about my diet and gave me the evil eyes if I didn’t adhere, fish three times a week, more green things than you can shake a stick at, variety, leaving off bread and biscuits, this has helped me and in fact my hair probably has never been so shiny! Diet and regime helps I think but when the fatigue decides it is going to run me down for a while, sometimes I just have to give in.


Yeah Modafinil can do that was on it for few years then neuro bod said double dosage :confused:

Anyway I switched to Amantadine as it does not give you the not withit feeling and though it does not make you

want to skip like a fairy it does take the edge off the fatigue though like any drug it does not work for everyone.