Mobility scooter shops yorkshire

I am looking to buy a little boot scooter and wondered if anyone can recommend somewhere to go and look at a few? I am in selby north yorkshire but it would be great if there was a large shop somewhere in yorkshire that we could go to and look at a few? Failing that can you recommend any boot scooters? Thanks in advance x

Hi, our Mary (theorising) lives close to you. ill alert her to your cause.

I am in West Yorkshire (Elland). There is a dealer round the corner. Brook Millers. Have a google. But there are cheaper, I reckon.

Google away and compare costs.

luv Pollx

Thanks Poll, I’ve got it sorted this morning. I was with my no messing hubby where we got a great deal on a go go elite. Thanks for your help x

Ok, Hope it does the job.

Steady now, eh?

luv Pollx