miracle cure or psycological

Has anyone had to take high dosage steroids and did you find they worked right away? I could not stand yesterday let alone walk. Same this morning. Had to make some toast. So I could start 5 day course steroids. I was clinging on to worktops in kitchen this morning trying to do this. Now 3 hours later I have managed a shower and washed bed clothes. Also had terrible neuralgia yesterday. I have virtually no pain now. Not total out woods yet as still very shaky but at least I can walk. And still afraid to go out but think this is a confidence thing. Do steroids work this quick or is it psycological because I want them to work quick.


i would suggest that u just go with what is happening cos sometimes theres no answer to the questions we have! i have had steroids x3 over 9 yrs and never again cos the make no difference to me-in fact they cos more probs

dont overdo things tho-steroids can make u high and able to conquer anything…

enjoy as long as it lasts…


Enjoy it I had intravenous steroids and could run but that was twenty years ago


Maybe im just getting hopes up

In my experience, they can work literally overnight and like magic for one symptom while taking very much longer for another and not always doing much at all for a third…all at the same time! Alison

Hi. What was the dose? Iv just been put on a 15day course first five days 200mg on day 4 not much better, mabe a little bit,

I find they work really quickly on my energy levels and mobility but really slowly for any other symptoms. Enjoy it while it lasts. As soon as I finish a course my energy disappears and I want to sleep for a week but at least the mobility is still there. Good luck

Tracey xx

5 x 100mg tablets. For 5 days. think i got my hopes up. Took first dosage 6 hours ago. And now bk to cant walk although pain in face has completely gone. And now sweating buckets. had to ask someone to come collect me take me to ma mums as her birthday today. But unable to walk to car. Cant wait to rake next dosage tomorrow. See if that lasts longer. X

Oh bless you Violet. Pace yourself! When you take the dose tomorrow do a few jobs and then rest - even though they make you feel like Superwoman for a while.

If I need steroids again (hopefully not for a few more years!) then please feel free to give me the same advice because I’m terrible about heeding it. My nurse told me off for working through last year’s relapses but since the steroids mean I can’t sleep anyway and make me jittery, I didn’t see any point in sitting at home when I could sit at my desk and type at about 1,000 wpm while I was hyped up lol!!

Take care

Tracey xx

I was like that with in the first hour. Cant wait to see what tomorrow brings on them. Just hope there is not big comedown off them x

The same happened to me the last time I had steroids. Was great being able to walk rather then try to crawl/stumble anywhere. Hate that I can’t sleep when taking them tho, the house gets really clean when I am on steroids :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes def. rest when you can and happy birthday to your mom :slight_smile:

This is my first day. So will let you know if I get sleep tonight x