Mediterranean diet

I had my first appointment with ms nurse yesterday and discussed starting treatment. I have no firm diagnosis as yet. Had lumber puncture on Wednesday. 2nd scan shows no changes. 1st scan showing 20+ lesions. My question is this - is anyone managing their condition through a Mediterranean diet ?? Keen to hear peoples thoughrs. Thanks.

I was born to a mediterranean mother from Italy so was bought up on that diet it didnt stop me getting MS. However, i still eat the same way mum taught me, i have not put on weight, and my doctor has said my bloods are always spot on, so perhaps it helps. I love days of salads and oil and olives lol. go for it, what have you got to loose really its a healthy life style and dont forget the vino. xxx what treatment do they want you to start on? xxx

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Hi. We discussed Copaxone, Rebid & Tecfidera but I think he said a Mediterranean diet can be as effective at minimising relapses. So I’m looking into if this is something I can do instead of taking a drug. I have left him a message to confirm if I have understood this correctly. Otherwise I’m thinking to go with Copaxone. Feeling a bit all over the place at the moment. Been going on since September last year and trying to get my head around treatments and what this means for me. Thanks for your reply its a great help just to know there are others who can help and offer an opinion.

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Its a huge decision. Maybe ask on the forum about choices of DMD. You can ring the MS society helpline they can advise you too, you dont have to do this on your own.

The diet is easy the medication is a bigger issue hun. xxxxx

Thank you.