M&S vitamin D

On the BBC it says M&S plans to add vitamin D to their bread and rolls.

Good article but no mention of multiple sclerosis. Two things. Once again MS is ignored by the media. And after all this time and research still no consensus on whether vitamin D3 plays a part in MS.

Is there any other condition where so many sufferers are deciding for themselves how to treat their illness? Is there any other condition where the medical profession seem so inconsistent in what they say, recommend and prescribe. When I try to explain to non-MS sufferers the lack of approved drug therapy for PPMS they don’t seem to believe me.

It is very frustrating when people only believe the latest good news story by the media. I had what turned into a very heated debate with a friends husband after he read that Statins were a cure for MS. " just ask you GP to prescribe them, you’ll be fine in no time". This was shortly before I joined this forum, my armoury is stronger now and I’d win the argument hands down.

Jan x

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It is very frustrating. Every time the media come out with another ‘cure’ for MS I think we all end up having these conversations with family and friends. And it’s as if we don’t want to be cured because we’re not rushing out to get the new cure!

It’s really opened my eyes to how the media report this stuff. I heard a report on news today that the combination of 2 drugs can cure skin cancer… and I immediately felt sorry for people with skin cancer as now all their friends and family members will think they can be ‘cured’… and without knowing anything about it, I’ll bet you anything it’s not as straightforward as that.

So it’s not just MS. It’s how the media reports any of these things. They love a sensational good-news story… even if it’s not the truth!

One thing you can say to people who don’t believe there is no drug therapy for PPMS, just tell them to google it. Saves you the trouble (and exhaustion) of having the conversation!

Pat xx

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yes google is a good tool to use and yes you do get fed up with the reports and folk saying have you heard about this, you also get the type that think they know your condition better than you do, ah bless them


you have to laugh , feel like saying really

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Had a similar conversation with my brother last night, he has seen over the twenty odd years since I was dx the numerous good news stories and head said to me “New cure for MS in the paper, it’ll be another ten years before it’s approved and then it won’t work or you’ll have the wrong type of MS”

He is almost as wise as me, or should that read he is almost as cynical as me.

Have a good Tuesday folks I am phoning my GP I tried today but she is off on a Monday.

Got nothing else to do as the forecasts wet and windy bit like myself.