M/S and A/S is there anybody out there?

Hey all, was diagnosed with M/S about a year ago. It’s fair to say that it has taken some time to get my head around it. I was also diagnosed with A/S (Ankylosing spondylitis) around 15 years ago and was curious if anyone else has these two conditions? I’m struggling to determine which pains are which? Thanks

Hi Gary, I can’t directly help, as I don’t have both, but I posed a question just recently about whether the two have a genetic connection, as I have MS, and my young nephew is currently being investigated for AS. I got several replies indicating they do have both in the family, and one lady (Janet) replied that she herself has both. There have been some problems posting links recently, but if it will let me do it, here is that discussion. I will also private message Janet that your post is here, in case she may be able to help. Cheers, Tina

Thanks or your fast response Tina

Hello Gary, Sorry I missed your post, but Tina pm’d me, so here I am. Yes I to have AS and SPMS… As you arE probably aware already that men and women suffer different things with AS. With myself it is my neck, back, legs that suffer but I do regulaR exercises. But am beginning to get a hump on my back. From the men I have seen it appears that their necks become solid and you can’t turn your head around without turning completely. But As I’ve said it is so varied. With MS it is the muscles, pins and needles, fatigue and nerve pain. You will discover the difference between the two as I have over the years. AS is the bone pain and hurts like mad, I can’t sleep on my back as it hurts to much, your neck hurts and creeks when you do exercises. Both are autoimmune diseases, are you on any meds for AS and are you on any meds for MS? If you want to ask me anything else please pm me and I will try and answer your questions. Take care, do the exercises and get plenty of rest, quite a contradiction! Janet X