lyrica and falling

hi since starting this at a very low dose 50mg per day i seem to keep falling, has anyone found this being on this medication, also feel as if my brain is a bit fuzzy keep forgeting things?


thanks mel I have PPMS so dont have relapses , think it is my right foot it is dragging more. Have the nuero on the 17th of next month, followed by the MS nurse on the 29th On the positive side I am now sleeping so should be better not worse

Hi Trish. Sorry to hear you have this problem now. I doubt it is lyrica causing you difficulties. I take 600 mg per day and it has never made my balance worse or caused me to fall. Roger.

thanks folks

gave my gp a call and booked an appointment, also managed to get a hold of the MS nurse going to reduce this again to see if this works MS nurse agrees

Hi my doctor prescribed Lyrica for me 50mg. I took the first one in the evening. I then had to get up for the usual trip to the loo and promptly fell over really hard into the wardrobe and landed on the floor in a heap.

No thanks. Wasnt going to take them again. I was told that they can cause falling in older people so I suppose being 60 for me it might count lol.

well have been to my gp she is not too happy with this range of medicines told her that i was going to see neuro on the 17th she said good as her friend was also on them and they made her friend totally disorganised. maybe it is an age thing also i am nearly 52, but didn’t have this nonsense before taking the tablets now on 25mg till i see neuro