Lymes Disease?

After a lot of googling and talking with both MS and Lymes disease sufferers, I feel my undiagnosed issues may actually be neurological Lymes disease.

Has anybody on here been diagnosed with Lymes disease instead of or as well as MS?

Thanks in advance for any replies,


Hi James,

Lyme disease often comes up on this forum, in fact we were discussing it only a couple of weeks ago…

I tested negative, btw.


Hi James

I was wondering what the outcome was with you lymes/MS diagnosis. I am also being investigated for MS but I’m ?? Lymes due to a bite I had at Easter time. My lymes blood test came back negative but I’ve heard a false negative is quite common and I am trying (without success) to get someone to refer me for a biopsy. Any advise would be good from someone who has had the same questions as me

hope you are well