lumbar/sacral mri scan

Hi everyone I have had my lumbar and sacral mri scan now. Could any of you clever people out there tell me whether lesions can be found in this area of the spine? The good news for me is as you all promised my spasms have all but gone in my legs as has the pain…occasional burning patches pain buzzing but am now tentatively am now trying to run again which is making me a happier person again for the time being! So although in limbo still at least not in the painful bit now…thank you all for your support over the last few months and I look forward to hearing your comment re lumbar lesions Sarah xxx

Yes, lesions can happen in the lumbar and sacral spinal cord, but they are apparently less common than in the cervical and thoraccic areas.

I hope this scan gets you some answers!

Karen x


Thank you Karen…I hope so to x