Lumbar puncture

Well I have decided to change my g.p. and go with Doc Martin. Not only did one of his patients get a brain scan the next day he also performed a lumbar puncture in his surgery. If you can get treatment this quick then put me on his books please. Wilma

Doc Martin is bramer; the best. Don’t change your GP, might be jumping out frying pan. Go private cost about £300 if you can.

No intentions of changing my Doctor he has been brilliant and listened when no one else would. Also found a good Neurologist who assured me that she will carry on seeing me until we find answers. Have had all the tests over the last 2 months and had Lumbar puncture 2 days ago. So feeling good but back feels like I’ve been kicked by a donkey. Apart from that I am coming through limbo land and feeling possitive for answers soon. Wilma