Lumbar puncture and other tests

Hi all, been a while since I have been on here. My mum is still undiagnosed but is currently prescribed gabapentin which isn’t really helping at all. She is going for a lumbar puncture this week but got called by the hospital a couple of days ago to say the neurologist wasn’t to have ecm testing done too. Is this common with diagnosing ms? Her main symptoms these days are speech, difficulty swallowing, excess saliva or a dry mouth, muscle cramps all over her body, constant head ach, pins and needles in her right hand and right hand arm leg and foot and she now has a slight limp but doesn’t realise she has. Also sometimes she can act very strange like be really nasty to you which is completely out of character for her as she is usually so lovely and she doesn’t even know she is being nasty until the next day. Feel like I’m losing her and very scared.

Should say emg test not ecm


please continue to support your mum, as you say she doesnt know that she has said anything nasty.

i can’t pretend to know enough about neurology and testing for ms, just know that it’s complicated.

has she been on a course of steroids recently?

i ask this because following 3 days iv steroids i became nasty (quite evil) to my husband.

my son explained it as roid rage.

my gp prescribed citalopram and it calmed me down.

carole x

Hi Carole, thank you for replying, when she is nasty I just accept it and don’t say anything as I know that isn’t her but it does really upset me and my dad. No she hasn’t had any steroids, just gabapentin to date which isn’t doing anything for her, as she is still undiagnosed there isn’t really much they can give her yet. We’re all just living in limbo at the moment x

Hello. It’s possible your mum’s change in behavior, could be a combination of pain and worry. It’s frightening to feel like you are losing control and people normally take out their frustrations on the one’s closet too them. As your mum had a MRI scan yet? Hopefully, when your mum get’s answers and possible treatment, things may improve. :slight_smile: ps; sorry I can’t do spaces/paragraphs on my phone and husband hogging laptop :frowning:

It could be I guess, although it’s irratic like she is very unconnected and she will swear you’re the one being nasty to her but the next day she will apologise - I don’t want her to apologise though, I know it’s not really her. She’s had 4 MRI scans that show lesions but neurologist in may said it’s not ms she has got progressively worse since then so now he’s finally taking her seriously x