Lucentis treatment

Hello! I was hoping somebody could help explain an appointment referal I just received: My MS nurse said she would make me an initial physio appointment I assumed this was to help with my balance problems. The letter refers to Lucentis treatment and I’m to take another adult with me. What the hell is this about? I’m going to phone tomorrow anyway as it seems like a mistake. Thanks for any help! Fade

Seems like a complete crossed wire. I thought Lucentis was a treatment for age-related macular degeneration! Not expecting an appointment for any eyesight-related problems, are you?

I think the stupid idiots have just mixed the letters up. Someone expecting to start Lucentis has got your physio appointment. :frowning:


I’ve had op. Neuritis but that’s it with eye problems and I’m only 31 so it must be a balls up. Fade

Yep Lucentis is for age related macula degeneration last time I checked. Definitely been a mix up!


It was a mistake. All sorted now.


Thanks for the update.

I did expect it must be a mistake, but was still a tad curious whether it might actually be correct, and they were trialling a new treatment or something!

Anecdotally, at least, it seems Lucentis may be suspected of triggering MS in some people, so I don’t think you want to be taking any of that!

Glad it’s all sorted.