LP procedure changed fantastic

Hi there I went Friday for a repeat lumbar puncture after a 2 year gap Still have all the odd sensations , muscle spasms ect but no DX ! Well my first LP in 2009 my god I was ill afterwards the so called headach from hell !!! So you can imagine I’m not so keen to have this done all again !!! However I meet a lovely woman named Dot , she explains everything and asks any questions ? I’m quick to tell of my previous experience , but she reassures her procedure and needles that are now used I will be fine with no headache Ok … So all done no problem , pain free , she explains that they have changed the needles and showed me the new bendy type she has used So there I’m expecting to lay flat for a few hours , but after half hour she sais ok then up you get Me I’m a little shock … Oh I thought I had to lay down ? No no come on normal activities …so I ask does that mean I can drive she said yes of course you can , I said great I will be off then and drive home I met with neuro before leaving for brief discussion of how I’d been and I was on my way . ( I’d drove myself to hospital , my friend was being dropped off after work to drive me home but this was now not needed ) It’s now Sunday I’m still in shock that I feel really ok , a slight back ache and a few sensations of nerve tingling but nothing compared to the last time . So huge thanks to Dot , I’m only hoping this time now it will shed some light on why I’ve had so much go on ! I wish any one having LP the very best and hope their experience is has good has mine has been this time round Take care Sue x :))

Hi Sue I’m so glad you were pleasantly surprised by your recent LP. I had mine in July and it was also a positive experience. I hope that this will help people that are worried about going for an LP. It can be pain and worry free! Teresa xx

That’s great news

I’d heard they’d changed the needles and that it made a big difference - now I know it’s true!

(My LP was a nightmare - 5 days in hospital but it was a long time ago.)

Karen x

I wish I went to the hospital you went to, to have the LP, I was admitted into Preston hospital and boy it hurt, Sent shocks down my left leg, this was only in October last year, They told me I could go home this was within 50 mins after the procedure, anyway they also told me if I was feeling well the next day I could return to college as normal, so I did, By the time the afternoon came I was very ill and got rushed into Lancaster hospital, They thought I had a leak of the CFS at 1AM, so they rushed me to Preston hospital to have a MRI scan on my spin to cheak if it was leaking , the results came back ok, bu7t then my my bladder started going funny to where I couln’t go to the toilet, to i had to have a cafitere put in, I was out of hospital within 5 days later because I dischared myself…

They say everyone exspearience different things I for sure exspearienced it bad, it was horribble, I would never want to do this again which is where I am glad I have a dignossis.

has far has im aware all LP are day case, but its a simple procedure and doesnt take very long so your in and out

my procedure in 2009 i was told i has to lay flat for 3hours before going home and that i could not drive

however things have changed in the way that some hospitals use a new type of needle for the procedure which reduces the HEADACHE from hell risk

also that it is normal activities afterwards

maybe google LP and have a read about the new type of needles used and then ask at your hopital where you are due to go ,

sue x

i wish you the best of luck in getting sorted

remember everyone reacts differently to these procedures , so always make plans

im lucky this 2nd experience has been a good one

for me sue x

Sue my first LP in 2001 was done by a med student for the first time. I was an inpatient and It was an experience I never wanted to repeat.

Later that year a Registar did my LP whilst I was an inpatient. I lay flat for an hour and it was a completely different experience.

I haven’t had an LP since so I’m pleased to hear things have moved on and went well for you

Jacqui x.