lost a good carer

Hi guys.

Just wanted to share this.

I lost one of my carers this week…actually my 2nd favourite. She`d only been with me 4 months, but she was a lovely person.

We got on so well.

She worked for an agency and both she and another carer from the same agency, were told to go to a client whose sister has covid. The person affected was isolated, but in the same house.

They felt they could potentially bring covid to me. Neither did they wish to take it into their own households.

These 2 carers refused to go in but were put under so much pressure to go, that they felt forced to resign from jobs they love.

One had a meeting with the boss and came back to work and was told she didnt have to go to the house with covid.

The other carer didnt come back.

I miss her.


Well, what a turnaround! She has come back to me via Direct Payments. I`ve finished with the agency.