Living with MS in your twenties


I write a blog about living with MS in your twenties. I’ve found this a really useful way in sharing how i feel and what helps me in difficult times.

I would appreciate it if you could give it a read and see if this relates to you too and if you have any tips about what you would like to see me cover,

Thanks x


Hi Racheal, That’s very good. Although I’m 63 I can relate to everything you’ve written. There are younger people who need your perspective. Best wishes, Anthony

Hi Racheal, I enjoyed you blog and can totally relate. Especially today since I spent half an hour looking for my mobile which was in my back pocket, I couldn’t feel it there due to currently having a numb leg and bum cheek x

Keep up the good work, you made me smile today. X

Take care


good blog, well written and in good humour.

love it

Hi there I’m 29 and for the past five weeks I have been really unwell. Flu like symptoms, episode of double vision amd lose of sensation on my right side which cleared, then my right eye vision started to deterorate … feeling extremely tired aching amd really bad headaches amd pressure. Finding it hard to do anything. Also not been eating well . I was put on steriods and my right eye vision isn’t as bad now. I had a mri which shows Demilanation patches of nerve damage . Amd bow I had to wait up to 6 months to see a neorolagist for a diagnosis amd treatment :-/. . I feel so unwell . They said to Try exercise amd think positive could have been worse and how I’m healthy young woman amd will live a long life but feel so unwell and so worried if anything else happens especially as iv got two young girls aswell. I’m finding it all extremely hard . As soon as i get treatment i imagine things could be better its just a horrible wait many thanks Top

That looks like a lovely blog. I would say move it to WordPress to get a nicer layout maybe if you can xx. Because your posts are very good contentwise but maybe wordpress would enable your layout to look more nicer.


i bet people spell your name wrong all the time!!!

AMAZING blog - I don’t normally read blogs but yours was so real and captivating I read it all. Also being a Geordie lass I was proud to know what GNR was before you wrote in full. Amazing you have done this - very well done. I did it in my teens way before diagnosis and not very seriously - unfortunately the silliness of youth. I should have taken it more seriously I.e TRAINED. I do,however remember the most amazing atmosphere and encouragement of the supporters.

B…er I currently am having problems with remembering the right words and pulling them from my brain. I have just had to google the name of people who watch marathons to get the right word - supporters. WHICH I ALREADY KNEW I JUST COULDN’T PULL THAT NAME FROM MY BRAIN - sorry for shouting!!!

Really loved your humour. The bit on explaining MS. Relapses And everything else

Thank you so much for your blog. How can I keep up with it? Do I need to subscribe? How do I do that?

Big hugs

Min xx

Hi Racheal

Excellent blog, well written and absolutely essential reading for the young and newly diagnosed. Even the middle aged can relate to it (ie me!)


Diagnosed at 22 in 2 months I will be 63 so panic not.

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well written
keep doing it

Hi Racheal,

Great blog, well done, you must keep it going.

I started symptoms age 29, diagnosed age 38, now late 50’s… how did that happen?

Benign MS to now SPMS.

I’ve kept a little red book of symptoms, appointments, medications etc. Shows me the slow decline I’m on, as long as it stays slow that’s fine.

I also write a diary of my daily life and anything of interest. I’m convinced this keeps me going. Writing down positives and negatives.There’s a good explanation about MS fatigue using The Spoon theory. Just search it. With my lack of walking I explain my day as a certain number of steps. Once they’re used up that’s it so make every step count.

Hope your Blog will keep you sane!

Keep well,