I have accepted the limitations that my MS has brought but sometimes on the odd day I feel how unfair life can be. After years of MS I have accepted by limitations and now manage my time and abilities more effectively. I try never to get mad, to chill as much as possible and to never take those around me for granted.

My main limitation is noise sensitivity. I spend a lot of time at home. If I visit anywhere I have to ask for music to be reduced or turned off. So this means shopping is now mostly online. I never get to the theatre, to festivals or even the high street. If noise equalls intense neuropathic pain your choices are these days severely limited. Others are often offended if asked to reduce the noise they are making - it is their right to enjoy themselves however they like and I should be ashamed to even expect them to have any regard for me or anyone else. How do we combat this attitude?

I have to use a wheelchair - another limiting factor which we will not bore you with as I am sure you can imagine.

Symptoms need managing and they also limit life and choices in life.

What are yours and how do you live?

After many years I now have quite a good life, have given up feeling guilty and regard myself as a professional artist and not a cripple. I am much more relaxed with me, it has taken practice and patience but I have got there. Nothing is insurmountable. Are you there yet? If not where are you on your journey to living rather than existing?



Hi Moira, quite a deep thought provoking post, but one that we will all have a different answer to.

As you know,I dont have MS, but do have a very similar condition. Ive been a full time wheelie fo over 10 years now. Boy that time has fled past so quickly!

I do have my limitations…quite a lot really. Most of the time I cope, but I do get frustrated and mad with myself. I swear a lot.

I have a more recent limitatin now. It`s my spc…when I lan oer or up or dwn to get something, I squash my tum and sometimes ithurts where my pipework is. I have to stop doing it…but asking for help for the little thingsannoys me. I have agrbber, so I should use it more.

About your sensitivity to noise…I am deaf in one ear and can have trouble hearing what someone is saying, if there is background noise. It can be impossible at times. I am sometimes left out of conversations and I just nod or say yes, so people dont know I cant hear them. It can be a nuisance keep saying eh?orpardon?`

How do you manage with normal conversation? Is there anything which might reduce your senstivity to noise? It is shame you have to miss out on so many outside things.

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