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My femur break was classed as a broken hip too as it was fixed with pins & plate. The hip still hurts like *#a"*¥!! So am still taking Oxycodone for the pain. Believe me, a broken hip and or smashed femur is no joke even at the age of 52. So be careful!

It’s good that you’re taking Vitamin; it might be worth asking for a bone density scan too, just in case. I had one a year ago and was delighted (!) to get a letter from the Elderly Care Consultant telling me I have osteopenia. This is the forerunner to osteoporosis, both of which people are at risk of when they are less mobile and/or have had lots of steroids in their lives. I now have to take a ‘bone protection’ drug (Alendronic Acid) in case of more falls!

Sue x

I belive Brain plasticity can be encouraged by making things move.

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I certainly hope so. If neuro-plasticity is in anyway a thing, I want to try and go for it. Not a lot to lose, although I must not over do stuff as this can exacerbate stuff too. It is a balancing act.


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Nikki managed to unlock my shoulder enough for me to get the camera out, we had a bit of sunshine and a huge

dose of luck to snap one of our latest visitors.

A Redpoll - can you guess how smiley I am?



Aw Mick, what a little sweetie. You’re so brilliant. I love your photos.

You deserve to be extra specially smiley! I do like his (or her) little feet!


Thanks Sue,

I think it is a male and yes the little black feet are cute. I posted the photo on Niks Facebook page and the number of people who have never seen one of these has let me know just how privileged I am.

Stll beaming