Light out of Darkness

Hi guys,

Its been a while since I have been on as I have been very busy since my diagnosis last year.

I am posting a link to my new website that I hope you will find interesting. I have started a new

Business and I feel I have MS to thank for that - Strange as it may sound.

I hope you are all well.

Stay strong and live on :slight_smile:


Its possibly quite hard to lead but if you follow the link above it will be easier -

Three months into the new year and what can I say - Things are looking good. As many of you know my business (Graeme Allison Photography) is very much in its infancy and my drive and enthusiasm to make it a success is getting stronger and stronger by the day. With every shoot that I do I find myself learning more and more. Not how to use my camera (That I understand) but how to let others understand what the camera is for. At its heart photography is all about communication - Communicating your vision, your thoughts, your ideas onto a two dimensional piece of glossy paper. Sounds really simple when you say it like that :slight_smile:

Anyway, I digress! Next week I am back at the Neurologist for my annual review and this time I am going in, not with trepidation, as last time but with an acceptance and understanding that I have Multiple Sclerosis. Simple as that! I will go in and he will say “Yup, you’ve still got MS”.

You see its with me for life, its part of me and that I have accepted. Not happily, but accepted none the less. Now, lets get back to photography - I find it hard to articulate what this has done for me. For me and my family. Stress is bad for anyone but if you have MS it is doubly worse. I pick up my camera and any stress just disappears. Starting a new Business in any field is inherently stressful but somehow that kind of stress acts as a motivational tool. I’m not even sure Stress is the right word. Its more of an excited energy. Long may it continue :slight_smile:

Below is a Blog I posted at the start of the year. I have contained it within this blog because of the reaction it generated. I received many comments of support but more importantly some people (And I am hugely grateful for this) found it inspiring and motivational.

I hope you enjoy reading it again.

Take care all

G :slight_smile:

Brand New Year

The last year has been a very difficult year for my family and I. To cut a long story short after a long period of illness and numerous brain scans and exams I was diagnosed in January with Multiple Sclerosis. Obviously it was a shock, and for a period confusion ruled our lives. Gradually though we all started to come to terms with my illness and, if I am completely honest, I now feel better than I have done in a number of years.

So, the question is this - If I had not been diagnosed with this disease would I have had the courage to follow my passion and start my own business doing what I love? The answer in truth is probably not! Not YET at least! Am I therefore GRATEFUL for my disease? Yes is the simple answer… It has made me stop and think. It has made me assess what my priorities are in life. Do I want to spend the next twenty years dong a job that I like but don’t love or do something that makes me happy and consequently makes my family happy. I want to spend time with my children, I want to be a happy Dad and a loving and supportivehusband. For the first time in a long time I feel I am on the road to achieving that.

Now, what has any of this got to do with photography? Nothing. Absolutely nothing at all. But it is photography that has helped to give me ‘direction’. It was also my wife who started me down this path and my wife who has given so much of herself to be my support, my strength and my best friend. I love you Mrs Allison with all my heart. I love that together we have taken a dark situation and turned it into a bright shinning light that will safely guide us along our path of life together.

I am looking forward to the year ahead with an enthusiasm about life that I have never had before and my business is going to continue to grow and inspire me on a daily basis.

Please, this year, do one thing you have always wanted to do.

Take care everyone and have am amazing 2013.

G :slight_smile: