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Iv been looking at life cover with a DX of ppms. The broker is going to get back to me but it’s not looking too good. If you use a walking aid or have another condition which I do it’s going to be difficult to get any cover at a cost I can afford.

Has anyone managed to get insurance with a ppms DX at an older age.

Thanks christine

Death-in-service provisions built into occupational pension schemes are probably the best option available, but if you’ve got that, you’ll know already. From an HR staff retention point of view, it’s the best way in the world to stop your employees with MS from straying to a rival employer, that’s for sure!

But individual (as opposed to group) cover at a reasonable cost is another matter in my experience too (I’m RRMS). The best most of us manage is to make sure that (if appropriate) the healthy spouse’s life is well insured and just hope for the best on our own account!

I hope your broker comes up with some bright ideas, though.


Freedom are a firm that specialise in insurance for ppl with existing medical conditions.

Thanks for your comments.

I got a quote today which is far more than I can afford.

Looking back I should have sorted this years ago.

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I know that feeling! Too bad someone forgot to mention to us that we were going to get MS… :frowning:

Hindsight may be a wonderful thing, but actually I’m not sure it ever helped anyone much.


When our old life insurance was coming to an end after already running for 25 years I was very worried that I wouldn’t be able to get a new policy anywhere, but I was fairly happy with quotes I was getting back. I was diagnosed about 12 months before the old policy expired so started contacting other companies for quotes. Amazingly the issue I found that initially held us back was my high blood pressure, not the MS. I had to have a basic medical carried out by my GP, paid for by the insurance company, they took urine samples, blood pressure, weight & height, and that was about it. Nothing about the MS was mentioned. The insurance company wanted to know what meds I was on for the MS and high blood pressure and that was it. They contacted me about a month later and offered a policy. We had an option of how much cover we wanted and how many years to take it over. The premium did go up a bit but not a silly amount, but when I asked if this was because of the MS they said no, it was the high blood pressure that pushed the premium up. We didn’t need to go to a specialist insurance company, which I think just explode their prices by taking advantage of the situation. In fact if I recall correctly when we first started looking I was put in touch with a broker from one of the MS sites, he came back with ridiculous prices, so we decided to ring round ourselves. Best decision we made. As our mortgage was finished, and our son was grown up and working we decided not to take out a huge policy, just a back up sort of idea. It’s something like £50000 cover for £30 per month over 25 years. So if you take into account our ages, 51 at the time of taking the policy out, and medical history I don’t think that’s bad at all.

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I think that’s brilliant compared to the £125.00 I was quoted or £65.00 for £50.000

Not sure if moderators will approve but here’s the company Aviva. Give them a try ?

Just rang home as I’m in work at the moment to double check that I got details correct. It’s £37 per month for 25 years , £50,000 of cover. Aviva. Non smokers, all illness declared. One thing I will do though is update them that I’m now SPMS as I was RRMS when I took the policy out. This shouldn’t make any difference to premiums as the change came after the policy was started and that’s the risk that insurance companies have to take.

I will do and thanks