Licking The Lawn

Odd title but that’s what it taste like !!!

So basically I’ve just tried the first few drops of CBD oil and it tastes like I’ve been licking my lawn

Not sure if this oil will help my MS symptoms but anything that tastes this bad must surely be good for you !!

The herbalist that supplied the CBD oil did however say that even though CBD oil by itself was good for MS, it’s THC & CBD together that would be better.

So I’ll give this pure CBD oil a go whilst I’m trying to get my GP/MS clinic to prescribe Sativex.

Watch out for side effects.

Image result for grass hair image


In my case any hair would be better than no hair

jactac my hair was going really thin and i asked my ms nurse if it could be a side effect of tecfidera. she said it wasn’t noted as a common side effect. i told her that several people i know who take tecfidera have had the same problem. she will make sure to keep a tally of it and let the pharma know. she suggested i take biotin although not in the quantity suggested for people with spms, just to look at the ingredients in supplements. i found one Perfectil Hair. also started using plantur shampoo and conditioner. all was going well but then i decided to use a dye stripper and although it hasn’t fallen out it looks absolutely awful. i’ve had it cut very short but still looks bad. ah well, good job i’ve got the most gorgeous beanie hat! carole x