Licence revoked/refused

Hi, life is one big uphill struggle even if you have no illness. As long as you keep positve and have positive people around you, you will succeed x

Hi all,just thought i’d update you on the license situation,had to get my MP involved DVLA jumped then,i’m now waiting for a drivng assesment,i can’t see why everything is so long winded,they need to get their act together after sending me the wrong forms for the assesment.Getting relly annoyed,my eldest daughter leaves for uni next weekend so it’s back to public transport for me which i find difficult some day’s and having to ask work colleages for a lift is what i’ll have to do eveen though i hate it,sorry turned into a rant Mel.

Hi Mel

I hope they pull their finger out and sort this for you, I bet if it was them it would be done quicker.

Fingers crossed for you.

Pam x

Rant away! You have every reason to Mel, it’s gone on too long! Maybe you’d have got it back by now if you were convicted of drunk driving. Not a nice comparison but that’s the bitter taste it leaves when your honest.

Good luck with it! Let us know how you get on.

Pauline xx

Hi Mel, l was thinking of sending mine back as l don t drive anymore but hubby said that he read somewhere that we may need them to drive our scooters ? anyone read this regards Jan xx


i am sure everyone here is level headed enough to know if they are a safe driver or not. So if you think you are then fight for it.

It seems to me it is a constant fight, you fight your condition, you fight for your quality of life, you fight beaurocracy and in some cases you fight your family. It is so tiring.

In my case I stopped driving myself because I didn’t feel I had the concentration and it was a relief. It was getting to the point I was anxious even before I went in the car and this was before dx.

Thats why I think ms has been working on me for a good while before dx.

Good luck everyone!

Mags xx


Hi Jan, they are talking about bringing a test in for mobility scooters, but you will not need a drivers license… it will be a lesson followed by a test. (Although the big scooters that can be used on the road & currently require a tax disc will probably require drivers license).

Hi Mel, over the years on this forum I’ve read many posts where people have had their license revoked and then appealed and got them back. Good luck… I’m sure you’ll get it back.

Pat xx

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Hi Jan

I agree with Pat, as I have to neighbours who have scooters, and they have never had a licence before in their life.

Pam x

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