Just figured out i have l’hermittes, sneezing is a bit like being tasered.
Did anyone get this as a bit of a thing after starting dmd’s??
In real terms what does it mean. I find the explanations a bit wishy washy. Am supposed to be going back to work full time next week but this is really distracting and dicombobulating, god knows how i’m supposed to concentrate😬

Well, I’m happy to say that I haven’t been Tasered, so can’t speak from experience of that, but I do know what the L’hermittes sign thing feels like (or at least how it manifests itself for me personally) and your analogy did make me smile, I must say. I can only suggest that you confine affirmative replies to friends and colleagues to a verbal ‘yes’ and avoid vigorous nodding… Seriously, though, if you’re getting that going on a lot, you probably have a bit of something or other inflammatory going on in there, whether it’s MS or something else (I do not know whether you have an MS dx) so taking it fairly easy if you can would probably make sense, particularly if your job is a physical one. If it’s a desk job, that’s not so bad, and at least being at work can take one’s mind off things (as my old-school childhood GP famously used to say when dismissing all pleas for a sick note unless symptoms demanded immediate enclosure in an iron lung.) But (seriously again), if you’re not feeling well enough to work, it’s not an admission of defeat to say so. Soldiering on is sometimes the best thing and good for morale, but not always, and it’s a knack, learning to tell the difference.

I’m not surprised you feel unsettled by it all. Not fun, this. Hang on in there.

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Thankyou…am ms and started on ocrevus recently. The work thing is so tricky. This last year have definately got it wrong and pushed on when i really shouldn’t. Hoping to get a bit better at judging that.

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Yes, it’s a hard balancing act. It is worth saying that that same old-school GP, although by then long retired, got in touch with my mother when he heard that I had MS and his advice was: ‘Tell her that the most important thing for her is to avoid stress.’ So, he was tough, but he was also wise and kind and his advice was good. I should have paid more attention than I did. And maybe it’s something for you to bear in mind too.

Honestly i think he is quite right and if i get the chance to retire i probably will, if i dont i expect ultimately the ms will make that decision for me unfortunately.

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