Letter from the neuro - is this a dx

Hi guys, I had a letter today from the Neuro, can you give me your thoughts on it - sorry if its a long post, I will type it out as it says in the letter-

MRI scan of brain shows a few large patchy hyperintense lesions, without any contrast enhancement, in the subcortical and periventricular deep white matter. There are no lesions in the brainstem, cerebellum or spinal cord. Her MRI findings would fit with the McDonalds criteria. I also note that she has partial empty sella and cerebellar tonsils appear to be low posistioned within the foramen magum.

 - does this mean he will be dx me with MS? when I see him on the 11th July? what are your thoughts, anything please!!!

Chelle x

A typical neuro letter - as clear as mud!

What it looks like to me is that your lesions meet the MRI criteria for a diagnosis of MS, but the neuro may not be ready to diagnose you without further investigation because of the other potential abnormalities (the sella and tonsils). This isn't something I know about, but these links can fill you in a bit:



Karen x

Thanks Rizzo!!

Ive checked the links out - Chiari mmm... I think Id rather have MS!